the Faery realms

Bio: Feri* is a modern tradition of Witchcraft derived from the teachings of Victor and Cora Anderson and passed through their various initiates. A rich and diverse spiritual art, Feri seeks to transform the individual through practices of ritual magic, meditation, and energy work. Feri draws power from various cultures and their magical systems, including Conjure; Huna; Voodoo; Tantra; Celtic Folklore; Christian Mysticism; Yezidi Mythology; Greek Gnosis; and others, as Feri continues to integrate the magic and mysteries of ancient and evolving cultures. Feri is understood and integrated through direct experience; adherents include dedicated practitioners and persons imitated ritually into its mysteries. This site seeks to present a spectrum of Feri exercises, poetry and lore for the purposes of education, inspiration and practice. *The diversity of our tradition can be seen in the various spellings of our name, which include Faery, Faerie, F(a)eri(e).

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